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Mew-vies with the Cats: Intergalactic Rom-Com Month!

Here is the lineup for Mew-vies with the Cats in August! Out of about 2 dozen romantic comedies and science fiction movies you guys voted for a mix of the two (via Facebook), so here's your list:

Tuesday, August 1 - Grease PG-13 (1hr 50min, starts around 6pm)
Monday, August 7 - The Fifth Element PG-13 (2hr 2min, starts around 5:50pm)
Tuesday, August 8 - Silver Linings Playbook R (2hr 6min, starts around 5:50pm)
Monday, August 14 - The Princess Bride PG (1hr 38min, starts around 6:15pm)
Tuesday, August 15 - Inception PG-13 (2hr 28min, starts around 5:30pm)
Monday, August 21 - Groundhog Day PG (1hr 41min, starts around 6:15pm)
Tuesday, August 22 - Donnie Darko R (1hr 53min, starts around 6pm)
Monday, August 28 - The Wedding Singer PG-13 (1hr 35min, starts around 6:20pm)
Tuesday, August 29 - Intersellar PG-13 (2hr 48min, starts around 5pm)

Now, it should go without saying that SOME of these movies may contain swearing, brief nudity, adult themes, violence, etc. We've listed their ratings next to the movies, so please use your best judgement. The no kids under 10 rule is still applied to these events as always, but specifically on the evenings where a rated R movie will be shown. You don't have to reserve a spot for these, we just put the movie on at the allotted time and it's first come, first serve for seating. Hope you guys enjoy the mew-vies!

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